Frequently Asked Questions for Customer

Course’s fee for each student is different. because the course’s fee adapted to the student’s qualifications and levels. However, the cost of private tuition with the tuition center will be a little different, because there must be an additional fee to transport the teacher to go to the student’s place if you want private tuition. The amount of the fee depends on the location of the student’s house.

Gold Star Education accepts tutoring in every subject. Especially foreign language lessons such as English, Chinese (Mandarin), French, and German. Then subjects such as reading and numeracy interests, accounting, mathematics, economics, and many more depend on your learning needs.

Of course. We will help each student who takes a language course and wants to get a certificate. Like the TOEFL / IELTS certificate for English, A1-B2 certificate for German, HSK certificate for Mandarin. Even from Gold Star Education, you will accept  a completion certificate or accomplished for passed every test.

Yes,there is. Because we see the quantity. If you study together with your friends, we will give you a more affordable price. For private tuition, it will be more expensive because the teacher will be more focused on teaching one student.

Yes, she is. You can ask anything about tuition to our customer service by call or whatsapp. Their working hours are from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM, but if you want to ask at other times, please, they will serve and answer questions as responsive and best as possible.

Yes, you can. After the course schedule has been arranged, we will provide and show the CV of the teacher who will teach the students. So you can see how the teacher’s education and teaching experience. All teachers who teach at Gold Star Education will be rigorously selected and have good qualification standards.


Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers

This is the standard we use for recruiting teacher.

Terms and Condition

a.  Have graduated from high school or in college with a minimal IPK of 3.0

b.  Will have mastery of the subject that will be taught

c.  Responsible, discipline, have the patience to handle children

d.  Preferably speaks English

e.  Preferably Mobile to work ( can navigate themselves )  

f.  Preferably has some teaching experience

g.  Preferably has some certificate in the subject they’re teaching

You can start sending your schedule availability if you are a student still and your schedule would have changed in the next semester, please include the most updated schedule. CV, Transcript score and other certification

Currently we have a high demand for a teacher that can teach these subject,

a.  Science ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology

b.  Math ( all education level )

c.  English, Chinese (Mandarin), German & French Course

d.  Accounting, Statistic, Calculus & Coding

e.  Graphic Design, Drawing, Animation

f.  Reading, Writing


We usually adjust depending on what course they teach and also the frequency of lessons. This might change depending on the student need for teaching.

We perform a test on the particular subject you are interested in teaching, interview, and trial in microteaching. Anyone that passes will be given a chance to teach.

We would adjust the working hour with demand as well as your availability.

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